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Electric Scooter – SK3 Horwin


Central motor with peak power 6.3kw, chain transmission

Battery 72v 36Ah the range is 80km with one battery

(can take a 2nd battery for twice the range 160km)!

Front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers. They offer the rider a great riding experience – regardless of road conditions.

14″ wheels

Controller FOC (Field Oriented Control)

Helmet storage under seat

Brakes: CBS disc brakes front & rear

Top speed up to 90km/h

Rated power: 4.0 kW

Peak power: 6.3 kW

Available Colors

Metal Blue

Black Mat

Metal Gold


Motor 3.500w
(peak 6.300w)

3.350 Final price with VAT
  • Battery:
    72V 56Ah
  • Range: 80km
  • Top Speed: 90km/h

Motor 3.500w
(peak 6.300w)

4.650 Final Price with VAT
  • 2 Batteries:
    72V 56Ah
  • Range: 160χλμ
  • Top Speed: 90km/h

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