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Electric scooter Swuity (without driving license)


The electric scooter Swuity  is equipped with motor  650w (peak 1100W). It starts with throttle and doesn’t contain pedals.

Motor editions : 650W (peak 1100W) / 1000W (peak 1600W)

Characteristics :

  • Smart App for Android & iOS with fault detection
  • NFC protocol: Ability to activate the vehicle with card and smartphone 
  • Driving modes : 3
  • Alarm , USB port

According to the new legislation this vehicle has EEC L1c-B certificates ,it is registered and can be driven by a yound person from 15 years old as well as any citizen of any age who does not have a driver’s  license

Available colours




Peak 1100w

1.540 Final price with VAT
  • Battery: 48V 12Ah
  • Range: 40km
  • Top speed: 25km

Peak 1600W

1.770 Final price with VAT
  • Battery: 60V 20Ah
  • Range: 60km
  • Top speed: 25km

Peak 1100W

1.920 Final Price with VAT
  • Batteries:
    48V 24Ah
  • Range: 80km
  • Top speed: 25km

Peak 1600W

2.260 Final price with VAT
  • Batteries:
    60V 40Ah
  • Range: 130km
  • Top speed: 25km

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